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The e-bookstore is now being hosted at lulu.com. I chose lulu as the host for two reasons. One: you can easily preview the books before purchase. Two and best of all: you have an account. Any ebook you purchase will always remain in your account--no more worrying about losing the file on your computer.

All the books are in pdf format. I recommend printing them and storing them in a binder. You can easily add your own notes, photos of books you or your children have made, and even keep samples of the books in plastic sleeves.

If you are a school or library and would prefer to use a purchase order, here is an order form. You can preview the books on lulu and send the purchase order by mail or as a pdf through email.
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Since 1999 makingbooks.com has shared Susan's love of making simple handmade books from recycled materials.

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