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Small scrolls are made in Ethiopia, rolled into metal or leather cases, and worn around the neck or tied to a belt. They contain prayers, cures, or talismans to ward off evil.

These scrolls can be used for a wish scroll, containing personal, imaginary, or global wishes. To celebrate Martin Luther King Day, make one with a dream inside. For Earth Day, make a wish for the earth. In addition to the recycled film container, use saved thread, string, or ribbon, old beads or buttons, and make the scroll from a grocery bag or recycled paper.

You Need:
* 1 recycled film container with two holes (Have an adult make the holes. I use an awl and poke in one side and out the other.)
* 1 piece of crochet cotton or heavy thread, 36" long
* 2 beads, buttons, or plastic bread closures
* 1 strip of paper 1 3/4" wide and as long as you want (I like to use a piece cut from a brown grocery bag)

1. Tie a bead to one end of the thread with the bead inside the knot.


2. Feel the holes of the container. One is smooth and the other sticks out. At the smooth hole, push the thread into the hole from the outside of the container.

3. Pull the thread across the container and go out the other hole.

4. Tie a bead to the other end of the thread with the bead inside the knot.


5. Pull up the thread from the center of the container.


6. Roll up the scroll and put in inside the container.

7. Put the lid on the container. Decorate the container if you want with stickers or paper and glue. I've found that glue stick works fine if you press the paper to help it adhere.

You are welcome to print and share this PDF.

Specific projects using the Wish Scroll are on Susan's Making Books with Children blog.

View the directions in Spanish

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